Tanya Villanueva

Tanya Villanueva is a 37 year old artist born in Valenzuela, Philippines. Her work has developed over the years from looking into work and production of art objects through the lens of painting, photography and craft;  to exploring the perfomative nature of this cultural labor through the use of video installations, textile projects and collaborations. Her art is informed by her work as a single-mother, a working-class art practitioner and her struggle with chronic depression and anxiety.

Her work has been shown locally at institutions, commercial contemporary galleries and artist-run spaces. She had various art projects outside the county through artist-run spaces in Queens, San Francisco as well as an exhibition at a curator’s residence in Manhattan.

Tanya holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the University of the Philippines and a Dressmaking certificate from Miriam College. She works and lives in Quezon City, Philippines.