Sidney Valdez

Sidney Valdez is a Filipino conceptual painter and video artist born December 1, 1988, at Muntinlupa. After finishing bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at Far Eastern University in 2011, he worked as a graphic artist. Valdez was apprenticed to conceptual artist Mark Justiniani and painter-sculptor Kat Medina. He was also a member of Southern Tagalog Exposure (STeX), a multimedia group from Luzon. From 2016 to 2018 he worked as a senior painting instructor at a Van Gogh themed art bar and then went on to become a full time artist, now residing in Los Banos, Laguna.

Valdez has held solo exhibitions at Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery (2019) and artist-run space Sampaguita Projects (2017 and 2019). He curated two groups hows outside of galleries, both held in residential spaces. He was part of Resetting The Clock, a group show held at Cultural Center of the Philippines, curated by Con Cabrera. He was recently included in Christian Tablazon’s curatorial project at Vargas Museum titled Variations of the Field. His works contemplate mainly how death is directly related to social and political constructs, which hugely affects his personal view of existence, ideology and art.

Valdez is also a human rights activist and draws subjects and concepts from the dregs of Neo-liberalism, particularly in the Philippine context, and juxtaposes them with meme culture as an emblem of our time. His works are provocative, politically loaded, often times comic and sometimes psychedelic, underlying the absurd in realistically painted stock images of ordinary everyday objects and faces either from the internet or from personal life giving that feel of satire/kitsch. He believes that art should always be critical and forward.


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