Art-Making During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Hi there. How is your summer going?

Excuse us for this last minute announcement! We have one last event of the summer. Makiko Hara of Pacific Crossings in Vancouver will be co-hosting an online discussion event with Art Center Ongoing in Tokyo!

it’s an online public presentation and discussion that will be held between Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Tokyo, Japan.  The event features eight guest artists co-selected by Nozomu Ogawa, the founding director of Ongoing whom we invited to British Columbia for 11 days for the first Pacific Crossings research residency held in 2019 January. We have asked the artists to present concepts about the art work they have created during the COVID-19 Pandemic. After the presentation, we will have a question and answer session to discuss this time together.

This talk contributes to a ‘throwaway money system.’ If you enjoy the talk, or if you want to support Ongoing, please click on the “Support” button at the bottom of the facebook page to offer support, even after the talk is over!  Just look at it. Just listen to it as you work. I’m sure, no, it will be interesting (I’m sure)!

See you soon! Thank you for reading to the end.

Makiko Hara


A few more details:

At the beginning of 2020, a new Corona virus, which was not yet heard of, quickly swept the world with fear. Canada began shutting down its economy and public activity in mid-March and Japan declared a state of emergency on April 2. People were requested not to going out, and asked not to see anyone for many days. A question we’d like to address after these events: what were these artists thinking, how did they act, and what kind of artworks did they create as they continued to confront their selves in such circumstances? This online talk connects eight artists from Tokyo and Vancouver to catch a glimpse of their “moment” through the artworks they have created or are currently creating during this period of self-restraint.

Nozomu Ogawa

Online Artist Presentation & Discussion

Sunday, August 16, 12-2 pm (GMT+9 Tokyo) / Saturday, August 15, 8-10 pm (GMT-7 Vancouver)
Public Viewing by YouTube — Free: Please register!
The presentation is followed by a bilingual Q & A  in Japanese and English.

Featured Guest Artists

KC Wei, Artists, Musician, Organizer, Vancouver
Karilynn Ming Ho, Artist, Vancouver
Gabi Dao, Artists, Vancouver
John Brennan, Sound Artist, Vancouver

Q &A (English-Japanese Translation)

Maiko Jinushi, Artists, Tokyo
Masahiro Wada, Artist, Tokyo
Kyoko Idetsu, Artist, Tokyo
Yusuke Shibata, Artist, Chiba

Q &A (Japanese-English Translation)

Moderators: Nozomu Ogawa (Japanese), Makiko Hara (English), Japanese/English Interpreter: Akemi Nomoto

Art-Making During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Tokyo and British Columbia is copresented by Art Center Ongoing and Pacific Crossings.  The broadcast will be available on Art Center Ongoing’s youtube channel. If you haven’t registered yet, please do so!