Art-Making During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Hi there. How is your summer going?

Excuse us for this last minute announcement! We have one last event of the summer. Makiko Hara of Pacific Crossings in Vancouver will be co-hosting an online discussion event with Art Center Ongoing in Tokyo!

it’s an online public presentation and discussion that will be held between Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Tokyo, Japan.  The event features eight guest artists co-selected by Nozomu Ogawa, the founding director of Ongoing whom we invited to British Columbia for 11 days for the first Pacific Crossings research residency held in 2019 January. We have asked the artists to present concepts about the art work they have created during the COVID-19 Pandemic. After the presentation, we will have a question and answer session to discuss this time together.

Sunday, August 16, 12-14pm (GMT+9 Tokyo)
Saturday, August 15, 20-22pm (GMT-7 Vancouver)

Public Viewing by YouTube — Free: Please register!
The presentation is followed by a bilingual Q & A  in Japanese and English